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architects of authentic, on-brand CX experiences.

We deliver seamless omnichannel interactions that build customer loyalty, while giving clients the flexibility, responsiveness, and creativity to confidently navigate today’s experience economy. With itel you gain peace of mind, knowing that our services flex to meet your needs, through robust and cost-effective delivery models that offer the best nearshore, onshore, and work-at-home solutions.

Ah-Ha Moments Today, Not Tomorrow

Building Stronger Relationships Through Data

To engineer the best experiences, you need the right data to understand your customers. Our data-driven processes and tailored solutions create stronger brand relationships with customers and stronger partnerships with clients, giving valuable insights that can help you make better and faster business decisions.  

Why itel?


The customer journey is evolving…

It’s not about choosing tech over people. It’s about finding the right balance of technology, processes, and people to create seamless omnichannel interactions that make your customer journey memorable.

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When Culture Enhances Performance

Happy team members equal happy customers.

Great customer experience starts with our team. At itel, we treat each other like family, and we work collaboratively, going above and beyond to make an impact with customers and within our communities.

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itel’s Founding Chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein, CD, is 13th Laureate from Jamaica to Receive Prestigious Caribbean Excellence Award
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Today's sought-after destinations

The best of nearshore, onshore and work-at-home.

Find the fit that works for you. Take advantage of our flexible CX solutions that allow you to quickly scale and pivot, in the most sought-after customer experience delivery destinations.

Insights & Stories

Case Studies

itel’s Focus on the Employee Experience Leads to Lower Attrition, Better Performance, and Skills Retention 

Learn how our focus on EX has resulted in attrition rates that remain lower than the industry average, with an agent tenure 30% higher...

The Hidden Ways a Good Outsourcer Can Create Value for Your Business 

Outsourcers aren’t just a way to reduce operational expenses. Here are some hidden ways they can create added value for your business...  
Case Studies

Women’s Healthcare Service Provider Achieves 94% CSAT and Quarter Million in Daily Sales Thanks to itel’s High Touch Approach 

Niche healthcare segments often require bespoke customer support. Learn how itel’s high touch approach to patient care resulted in a 94% CSAT and a 62% booking rate for a women’s healthcare provider.

Read what our Clients have to say.

We work with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as high-potential disruptors rising to the top.

"My first response is always: Let’s ask itel and see what they can do."
Sr. Manager of Outsource Partner Operations, eCommerce Company
"It is the care and attention, and boutique style approach, that has differentiated itel as a CX partner, along with their quick turnaround in response to any issues that may arise."
Management Consultant, Financial Services Client
"I didn’t want all my eggs in one basket. A ‘Champion / Challenger’ approach is what I wanted."
SVP of the Americas, Leading Hospitality Brand
"Their ability to ramp agents quickly and effectively, and their help to refine and define innovative processes, has helped improve efficiencies and response times..."
Sr. Director, Global Operations, Managed Services, Global Technology Company
"What I appreciate about itel is their ‘no nonsense approach.’ With itel, what you see is what you get. They have a level of sincerity that other vendors don’t."
Vendor Performance Director, Hospitality Brand
"itel has been a foundational building block to our success, providing extreme flexibility in staffing and capability. itel has provided not just customer service support but software development, engineering, and QA resources as well."
Head of Operations, SaaS Software Provider
"We invest in our people. We also want our CX partner to invest in their people. itel fully supports and matches that as part of their own values."
Vendor Management Telecommunications Company
"There have been multiple times where itel’s hands-on approach by all levels has been able to address and remediate any issue we have encountered... itel has demonstrated they are truly an extension of our business and a strong partner."
Vice President Customer Care, Healthcare Services Client

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