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Redefining how you serve customers in a world with more options.

Personalized Interactions make a difference

Today’s Energy customers are eager to engage with suppliers more than ever before.

Unlike in the past, today’s consumers are more aware of the energy options available to them and want to engage more with their utility partners. They want to know how much energy they consume, how to protect the environment, and what new products or services are available to them.

This is where we come in.

A track record for success

How we help

As experienced providers of customer care in the utilities sector, we understand how to meet new customer expectations.


With your customers being more hands-on than ever, they expect a high-quality, transparent experience.

Many energy companies have had to pivot their delivery models to add digital channels and embrace new ways of delivering service.

We work closely with our clients to test, execute and refine processes and technology integration. As partners, there’s no stopping until we get it just right.

Addressing the Pressure of Reinvention

Your customers want to be more engaged with you, which is new territory for the industry and maybe your business.

This means it’s vital to listen, learn and understand their needs, in order to communicate when and how they want.

Through a consistent flow of data intelligence and business insights gathered from our experienced agents and artificial intelligence platform, we empower you to take strategic and forward-thinking action.

Data Security and Compliance

Here at itel, we take data security and compliance very seriously, and with evolving legislative frameworks and sensitive customer data, many power companies have recognized the need for enhanced security too.

We adhere to strict compliance measures in privacy, data security and cyber threats to ensure our energy partners are always protected.

Digital Platforms

With more businesses moving online and consumers demanding increased digital interactions, many traditional businesses, like Energy, find themselves playing catch up.

We have the technology and in-house expertise to support a frictionless transition to increased digital adoption. Our omni-channel delivery platform is easily integrated with industry-specific platforms and processes.

Case Studies

Leading Caribbean Utility Provider Reduces Call Times by 14 Percent

Before itel assumed 100% of their customer support, this leading Caribbean utility company struggled with long customer wait times and an inefficient IVR. Now, with itel's help, call times and wait times have improved...

Light up the customer experience by giving your Energy customers what they need.


"itel will ask us, What do you want us to do? And they do it."
Sr. Manager of Outsource Partner Operations, eCommerce Company
"What I appreciate about itel is their ‘no nonsense approach.’ With itel, what you see is what you get. They have a level of sincerity that other vendors don’t."
Vendor Performance Director, Hospitality Brand
"We work with companies that care."
National Manager, Telecommunications Company