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Making Meaningful Impact that Goes Beyond Profit

As global citizens, it’s our responsibility to take action when we see opportunities for meaningful impact in our communities. Not only can we be architects of exceptional CX, but architects of lasting change, working towards a brighter future for everyone.

lending support where it's needed most

We prioritize social action in our communities.

As an organization, we operate with a sense of purpose and believe in taking action on issues that matter to our communities.

We execute our own corporate social activities, and actively engage with clients, charities, non-profits, educational institutions, and other corporate players to contribute in a meaningful way.

It takes a team

How We Give Back

In 2019, we officially launched the 4Ys Foundation, a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) private foundation entirely funded by the company.

The Foundation has given us a mechanism for employees, friends, and corporate partners to expand their philanthropic footprint.

We leverage our size, scale, and expertise in socially responsible ways and support initiatives in four key areas: education, environment, sport, and innovation.

The 4Ys Foundation fully expresses our company’s commitment to our core values: quality, integrity, reliability, and family.


Over $1M Donated to Charitable Initiatives

1800+ Youths Supported

Over 2,000 Employee Charity Hours Donated

$270K Donated to Educational and Innovation Initiatives

2,000 Meters of Beach & Community Cleaned Annually

More Than 300 Lives Supported from Blood Donations

Eliminated Use of Over 200K Disposable Water Bottles

Over 50 Athletes Supported


No Plastic is Fantastic

In 2017, we launched our ‘No Plastic is Fantastic’ campaign, aimed at reducing single-use plastic across all our sites.

We sustained a long-standing educational campaign about the damage caused by plastic in our environment and removed disposable plastic water bottles from our vending machines.

By installing water fountains throughout all of our sites and buildings, and by providing each of our employees with a reusable water bottle, we have eliminated over 200K disposable plastic water bottles so far and we keep preventing more from going into the environment.

Not only that, but by educating our team and encouraging sustainable habits, we caused a ripple effect of awareness that flowed into their families and communities.

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