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Reliable, Authentic CX Made for the Experience Economy

We deliver memorable moments that create genuine connection with your brand. We are architects of great experiences, helping you find the ideal balance between human interaction and technology.


Choose Onsite, Work-at-Home or Both.

Flexible, scalable options that meet your need for adaptable shift hours, seasonal demands, licenses and certifications, languages, sales and customer care.

Find the best available talent cost-effectively and without borders by customizing your solutions across geos, support channels, languages, and expertise. As architects of CX, we can help you find the best blended delivery of onsite and work-at-home, to help you manage unpredictability and enhance operational agility to meet your business goals.


Powerful Customer Engagement Across Channels

A solid multi-channel strategy doesn’t favor either technology or human interaction but integrates multiple channels, supported by both digital, self-serve options and live agents. What’s important is that all channels work together cohesively to support the customer, no matter where they make contact.

At itel, we deliver on-brand voice solutions that create genuine connection with your customers. While our non-voice solutions, such as IVR, chat, email, and social media support, can add greater efficiency and self-serve capacity to your operations, allowing you to streamline the customer journey and better manage sudden peaks.


Removing Barriers to Connection

In a complex world where brands are competing for customer loyalty, consumers find comfort in the things that feel natural and make life easier for them. Nowhere is this clearer than in the way brands communicate to the markets they serve.

Enhance customer loyalty and brand recognition by offering in-language support, with in-culture communicators who understand what your consumers need and want. Our diverse regional footprint means we can easily source bilingual talent, from English and Spanish to French and more. Expand your language capabilities and offer a more culturally aligned experience for your diverse customers.


Data Led CX Delivery

Data is more than a measurement of agent productivity. It’s how we gauge our overall effectiveness as a CX provider.

Using the latest analytics software and data science, we help you gain critical insights into your customers and campaigns, as well as uncover new opportunities and address risks. This allows us to chart a strategic course towards greater operational efficiency and innovation, which benefits not only our business, but that of our clients.


It’s not what technology we use, but how we use it.

We can work with clients’ existing systems and platforms, enhancing them with our culture and in-house capabilities, or introduce our existing solutions into your tech mix. If you want to explore artificial intelligence, automation, IVRs or chatbots, our Data Science & Innovation team can also help you adopt new technologies that improve efficiency and manage costs.

Today’s evolving threat landscape demands greater security and data protection, and our dedicated Environmental Health, Safety and Security team maintains close collaboration with our InfoSec team to ensure we have all the bases covered. From cybersecurity to on-premise security, we rely on global best practices, the right technology stack, and AI-enhanced threat detection software to ensure we follow regulatory requirements, such as PCI-DSS, SOC II, and HIPAA.

To ensure the same level of control and quality as our on-premises teams, our robust work-at-home platform uses highly secured cloud technology with MFA, IP, and Geo IP restrictions, along with enterprise-grade hardware and software on fully redundant networks, to ensure maximum uptime and data security.

We find the right talent and nurture their development

Access a Smart, Engaged Workforce

Brand Ambassadors Who Hire Smartly

You can’t deliver Authentic CX if agents’ motivations and passions aren’t aligned to their roles.

Our behavioral assessment strategies streamline the selection process, to find right-fit candidates faster and with greater accuracy, for more rapid scaling. While we work in sync with our clients and Talent Acquisition specialists to find those who already have an affinity with your brand, or market segment, and will serve as the best, most passionate brand ambassadors.

Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Over 95% of our workforce is engaged in active learning. Each member of our team has a targeted action plan to enhance their performance and advance their development. This is aided by our advanced learning & development system that integrates with our performance tracking software, so that coachable behaviors are quickly identified, and addressed, through our direct feedback model, gamified micro-learning, and real-world simulations.

Enabling Agents with the Right Tools

Technology, such as AI enabled speech analytics and sentiment analysis, allow our agents to gather vital voice-of-the-customer data, and to take action during the call, not after the fact. Real-time agent coaching allows our Quality Assurance teams to offer relevant, immediate feedback and be hands-on in managing specific performance metrics.


Ensuring a Safe Workplace

At itel, we are uniquely dedicated to workplace health, comfort, and safety. So much so, that we have a dedicated Environmental Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) team whose main focus is to ensure the safety and security of all our sites and to safeguard the health and wellness of our employees.

We do this through companywide health and safety procedures, facility maintenance and upgrades, and everything from arranging employee transportation to onsite nurses, health fairs and more.

Learn how we ensured workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating industry-leading best practices.

Press Releases

itel Named Star Performer and Top Aspirant in Everest’s PEAK Matrix 2023 Assessment

itel was recently named a top Aspirant in Everest Group’s 2023 Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment, securing a Star Performer designation.

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