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Destination CX

Discover opportunities for growth, while delivering world-class service and mitigating risk.


Our locations aren’t just breathtaking. The Latin American and Caribbean (LACA) region offers the talent, capabilities, and infrastructure to deliver outstanding customer interactions.

With our geo-diverse delivery model and a growing footprint that already includes 14 facilities across 7 countries, we are positioned to serve authentic on-brand experiences across languages, channels, and industries.

In addition, by diversifying your CX delivery locations, you can better manage risk ensuring business continuity under any circumstances, while keeping your security, service, and reputation intact.

Ultimate Flexibility

Choose from our CX destinations across the Caribbean, Latin America, and the U.S.

Choice is everything, and we’ve expanded into some of the most desirable locations for scalable and secure operations, with access to the best available talent.

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The Caribbean

By keeping your operations closer to home, you gain a competitive edge where you can make decisions faster and collaborate with ease.

Imagine not having to travel 12 hours to visit your CX operations. How about collaborating across similar time zones with insightful teams that have incredible expertise and access to markets in the U.S., Canada and the UK?

The LACA nearshore has a global reputation for hospitality and immaculate tourist destinations, but it’s also a region buzzing with top tier brands seeking more flexible, affordable, and effective CX delivery.

The region is also easily accessible. Most travel only takes a few hours, with direct flight options from cities like Miami, Houston, New York and London.

Latin America

Latin America offers one of the most mature and scalable nearshore service markets found anywhere in the world.

With a multilingual workforce, the region boasts a technology-centric economy that continues to grow and is easily accessible to the U.S. and Canada.

When you work with us in Latin America, you’ll have easy access to the best talent, world-class facilities and innovative CX technologies, to solve your hardest problems and to drive cost-effective and cutting-edge customer experience strategies.

North America

Our work-at-home network provides a scalable and flexible platform to leverage North America's highly sophisticated business infrastructure, multicultural talent and diverse and specialized expertise.

Unlike many global CX providers, we didn’t jump into providing work-at-home CX delivery overnight. In 2017, long before COVID accelerated the work-at-home revolution, itel purchased the industry’s leading remote-optimized platform.

Now, through our secure and proven technological backbone, our North American operations give many top brands access to reliable infrastructure and a skilled, diverse workforce.

When you use our onshore services in North America, you’ll have direct access to experienced agents with the specializations and licenses you need – hand-picked brand ambassadors and industry experts who provide engaging, high-touch customer experiences.


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Located in the UK?

We are the Caribbean’s largest homegrown CX partner

And, we love our Caribbean roots. Our company was founded in Jamaica, and we will always consider the Caribbean our home and an important part of our story, even as we continue to grow.

As we expand our locations, offering more opportunities for cost savings, quality service, and scalability, we continue to focus on delivering authentic, tailored experiences that have garnered top awards and international recognition.

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