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Why Technical Support is So Critical for K-12 Online Learning

Why prompt tech support is so critical for the 3 million K-12 students in the U.S. learning entirely online.

YOUnique: Khalid Shaw

Meet Khalid Shaw, Maintenance Manager at itel Jamaica. Learn how he's a vital part of the team, ensuring our facilities are always running smoothly.

Fixing Telecom’s Bad Reputation for Customer Service

Americans rate telecom companies as one of the poorest for customer service. Why is that and how can we turn negative perceptions into positive ones?

Women’s Healthcare Service Provider Achieves 94% CSAT and Quarter Million in Daily Sales Thanks to itel’s High Touch Approach 

Niche healthcare segments often require bespoke customer support. Learn how itel’s high touch approach to patient care resulted in a 94% CSAT and a ...

The Hidden Ways a Good Outsourcer Can Create Value for Your Business 

Outsourcers aren’t just a way to reduce operational expenses. Here are some hidden ways they can create added value for your business...  

itel’s Exceptional Client Experience Leads to 100% Onboarding Client Satisfaction Rate

The onboarding phase is a pivotal moment in any client-outsourcer relationship. Learn how itel's thorough process has led to a 100% client satisfactio...

How Financial Service Providers Can Retain the Trust Advantage in Uncertain Times 

How can traditional banks retain the consumer trust advantage even in uncertain times and within an increasingly competitive industry?

Closer Look at LaCa Booklet

Want to know more about outsourcing to Latin America and the Caribbean (LaCa)? Download our guide to top LaCa locations and their unique benefits...

Authentic CX Blueprint: Your Map for Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Losing customers or worried about catering to younger generations? Authentic CX may be the key! Download our e-Guide...

itel’s Customized Approach to Learning and Interactive Workshops Leads to a 9-Point Increase in Agent Quality Scores 

Learn how we implemented new coaching workshops that led to a 9-point increase in agents' Quality Assurance scores within a matter of weeks.

Catering to the 3 Travel Trends of 2024 

Many wonder what the travel outlook will be for 2024. Travelers may be looking at getting more value for their money, but that's led to some intriguin...

Leveraging the Latest CX Technology to Build High Performing Teams 

Learn how we streamlined all performance management tools into one interface with iFOMS, leading to a 5-point increase in Quality Scores in only 8 mon...

Tech Companies, Here’s Why Outsourcing Could Be Your Best Cost-Saving Solution

Rising costs and interest rates. It’s no surprise that many tech companies are scaling back their CX teams. Here's an alternative cost-saving soluti...

YOUnique: Kryzzia Cyr

Meet Kryzzia Cyr, a Customer Experience Site Lead at itel. Learn more about her role and how she's taking our team performance to the next level. 

Keeping Your Data Safe: itel’s Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies Mitigate Thousands of Incidents Per Year

Find out how itel’s rigorous data protection standards, processes, and AI-infused technologies, help identify threats before they become breaches...

Designing an Employee Experience that Engages, Nurtures, and Retains Talent

Brittany Hodak, celebrated speaker and bestselling author, explains the 3 pivotal stages of employee experience and why each is critical to CX success...

The 5 Ways We Use CX Data

What does it mean to be a "data led" CX partner? Though it’s standard practice to collect and report data, what matters most is how you use it.

Who Is Switching Energy Providers and Why?

Who is switching energy providers and why? We investigate two key energy markets, the U.S. and UK, to see why some consumers are more prone to switch...

Designing a New “Fitness Journey” in the Digital Experience Economy

Fitness is being virtualized, gamified and made accessible at home through connected devices. What support will be needed to serve this $34 billion in...

Supporting ‘Console Culture’: Making Post Holiday Support Easy for Everyone

Console culture is very much alive. But gamers are often left with limited support options after the holidays. Here’s how game companies can remedy ...

Accelerating Digital Transformation: The Critical Role of CX Vendors in Financial Services

With rising competition, financial service providers are being forced to accelerate their digital transformation and CX vendors play a critical role.

Insurers Face a Rough Season Ahead for Winter Claims

Winter may seem far off, but insurers may want to prepare for the rise in insurance claims as the U.S. braces for more severe winter storms.

itel SPOTlight: Michelle Yeo

Meet Michelle Yeo, EVP of itel’s People Resources & Culture department. Learn about her role, and why it's her job to ensure our people are happy.

Why Our Eleventh Anniversary Feels Even More Momentous

itel celebrates its 11th anniversary with a special message from Founding Chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein.

Operators Get Ready as Cruises are Making a Comeback

Cruise travel is finally making a comeback. If 2023’s Wave Season is any sign, cruise operators may want to get ready for an even bigger year ahead....

BPOs Can Make a Big Environmental Impact

The environment is in crisis. Fortunately, outsourcers are uniquely positioned to ignite real change in the world, leading to big impacts.

3 Reasons AI Cannot Replace the Need for Human Agents

With AI’s increasing sophistication, does that mean it can finally replace human agents? Here are 3 reasons that’s not likely to happen, yet.

Telcos Face a Transformational Time

The real transformation that telcos face may not be 5G deployment, but creating a digital experience that also captures the loyalty of young consumers...

6 Professional Skills Shared by Moms and Contact Center Agents

Think parenting skills don’t apply to the working world? Think again. These 6 transferrable skills will set you up for professional success.

Utility Leaders in a Pinch to Find Cost Saving Measures

U.S. utility providers are caught between raising consumer rates to fund necessary infrastructure upgrades or keeping customers happy. Could outsourci...

Ramping Up for the Retail Peak: What’s Changed in a Post-Pandemic World

Online retailers are already planning for the 2023 holiday shopping peak. But here's what has changed since the pandemic. While our CX Ramp Guide give...

itel SPOTlight: Keinisha Duizer

Meet Keinisha from itel Guyana, whose first professional job started at itel. Learn more about her role and her journey from agent to Operations Manag...

Fast, Good and Competitively Priced: How the Right CX Outsourcer Can Do All Three

Can a good customer experience outsourcer defy the Triple Constraint Rule and be “Fast, Good, and Competitively Priced"? The right one can.

Stand Out by Bringing a ‘Concierge’ Experience to Online Education

In the U.S., there are currently 2,500 colleges offering online learning programs. How can providers stand out and gain a greater share of the $74 bil...

Solving the Great Breakup: How BPOs Can Empower and Retain Women Leaders

Women are leaving companies at twice the rate of men, and this is a cause for concern. For Women's History Month, we look at ways that BPOs can “mak...

Designing a Digital Experience Around Banking Apps: A Way to Court Younger Consumers

Banking providers are at a crossroads. How can banks retain younger customers if the old business models no longer appeal? App-based CX may be the key...

How UK Businesses Can Benefit from Cross-Atlantic Outsourcing

Want to access the latest tech, source more talent and enjoy 23% less travel time than with other outsourcing destinations? Here's why UK businesses s...

Three Ways Telcos Can Win in a 5G World

5G is here. But its full revenue potential hasn't been unlocked in the B2C market. Could these three CX approaches be the key?

Building Contact Center Love: Why We All Need More Multilingual Agents

Demand for bilingual workers has increased almost 130% and there’s one reason why contact centers should focus on attracting more multilingual agent...

Building Contact Center Love: How to Attract a Diverse Workforce in 3 Steps

Diverse companies are more innovative and are 36% more profitable. So, how can you increase diversity in your workplace? Here are three steps.

The Real Way Outsourcers Can Become True CX Partners

For some, a vendor relationship is just a vendor relationship. But there's a different kind of success to be had when organizations see outsourcers as...

Building Contact Center Love: 4 Myths and 4 Realities About Attracting and Retaining Millennials

Millennials are often misunderstood. Viewed as disloyal and hard to retain, it could be that employers just aren't giving them what they want. Time to...

Providing Customer Support in the Era of Social Commerce and the TikTok Retail Model

If social commerce is the gateway to younger consumers, does this mean that social media will become the primary channel for customer support?

Building Contact Center Love: Six Ways to Attract and Retain Gen Z Workers

Our series starts off with Gen Z, the hardest generation to retain. Find out how to attract and keep a generation that’s rewriting all the workplace...

Ready Player One: Is Your Customer Support Primed for a BIG YEAR of Video Game Releases?

More than 100 new games will be released in 2023 and good player support is crucial. Here’s how you can level up your CX.

Get Your CX Geared Up for Another Busy Summer of Car Rentals

Over 206 million American travelers are planning to take to the road this summer and they will need rental cars. With industry challenges persisting, ...

Embedded Finance: The 2023 FinTech Trend That Promises Increased Customer Satisfaction

We explore one of the biggest Fintech trends of the year, embedded finance, and how will that affect the delivery of the new “financial” customer ...

Comparing Outsourcing Destinations: Nearshore, India and the Philippines

Not sure where to outsource your customer support? We compare traditional outsourcing & BPO destinations against the up-and-coming Latin America & Car...

What Insurers Can Learn from 2022’s Hurricane Season

2022's hurricane season was the third most expensive on U.S. record. What lessons can P&C insurers learn that will help them prepare for 2023?

itel SPOTlight: Sean Williams

Meet Sean Williams, from itel Montego Bay. Learn about his amazing career journey, including a recent promotion to Executive Vice President of Client ...