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Digital CX Design


Increase Flexibility, Scalability, and Personalization

Digital CX is now a must have. Most consumers want to instantly connect with brands through their tablet, laptop, or smartphone. That means reaching out to sales and customer service teams through non-voice channels, such as itel’s live chat, email, text, or social media solutions.


Digital’s Competitive Edge

Digital channels can boost CSAT by 30% and can increase sales revenues by up to 50%, while technologies like automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and chatbots increase efficiency and drive down operational costs. By blending voice solutions with digital channels, you can offer your customers a truly seamless on-brand experience with limitless delivery possibilities.


Becoming Partners in Your Digital Journey

As architects of great experiences, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to analyze your customer journey , so we can find the optimal consumer touchpoints for digital support.

Our aim is to give your customers the ease and convenience they seek, while allowing you to better manage call volumes by steering customers to non-voice and self-serve options.

the importance of cx data

As part of your digital design journey, we offer the following services:


Data Capture, Analytics & Reporting

From measuring agent performance to finding new ways to enhance efficiency, we use operational and contact center data to continuously improve our service delivery. We can use data to help you better understand your customers, advanced real-time analytics, speech recognition software, and sentiment analysis tools.

Leveraging the Latest CX Technology to Build High Performing Teams

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With our focus on data accuracy, quality, analysis, and reporting, we can move beyond the basics to uncover new insights that allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our Data Science & Innovation team can build customized KPI dashboards, so you can keep track of operational performance. While we can help you translate that data into actionable steps that help you make proactive business decisions, moving into predictive analytics, so you can anticipate future outcomes.


Chatbots, IVRs, Automation & RPA

Automation can be an effective way to deliver instant, seamless customer communications. Enhanced by AI, automation can carry out common, repetitive tasks that reduce costs, freeing agents to concentrate on high-value transactions.

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itel Automation Reduces Workforce Analyst Work Times by 90 Percent

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Our Data Science & Innovation team can complement your existing technology stack with new tools or innovations that automate back-end processes to eliminate friction and create more efficient workflows. Our world-class team of front and back-end developers specialize in machine learning, natural language processing, optimization, data management and data warehousing, and can design and develop everything from sophisticated IVRs to AI-enabled chatbots.

As a tech adaptive organization, we promise we won’t prescribe any one solution. We can work with your proprietary technology or develop in-house, customized solutions when needed.


Keeping Client And Customer Data Safe

In today’s evolving threat landscape, data security is top of mind. Not only is it crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of both client and customer data in order to meet compliance standards and industry regulations, it’s also about protecting your company’s reputation.

Using the latest AI-enhanced security systems, threat simulations, and comprehensive security policies for both in-house and work-at-home, we move beyond simple incident prevention and response, focusing instead on proactive security maintenance, to manage any risks before they become issues.

Keeping Your Data Safe: itel’s Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies Mitigate Thousands of Incidents Per Year

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Our seamless tech works behind the scenes to monitor, detect, and prevent potential threats, while our dedicated Information Security team conduct more in-depth investigations and remediations when necessary.

This allows us to guarantee maximum uptime, business continuity, as well as meet PCI, SOC II, and HIPAA compliance requirements.


Our Digital Services & Innovation (DSI) Team

Digitization can seem daunting. You need a customer experience partner that can help you develop the necessary tools to build your digital ecosystem.

As a client, you gain access to our core technology team, with some of the best developers in the Americas and a team of multilingual Customer Care agents who can help create seamless, omnichannel experiences at incredible cost savings.

Our DSI team are dynamic, curious, out-of-the-box thinkers and wildly inventive CX engineers, who can work with your existing development teams to co-create new technologies that enhance your CX operations.

Using sound principles, such as SCRUM methodology and object-oriented design, we can work through the discovery, development, and post-project phases, supporting you with regular check-ins, feedback, and ongoing refinements to new systems and tools.

Whether you need assistance with your CX transformation, have a special project that requires extra support, or want to enhance your software development team, we can provide custom solutions with the domain of knowledge you need, while also helping to streamline day-to-day operations.

Find out how we can support or expand your digital and tech development capabilities.