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Dr. Ramsaroop Ph.D.

December 31, 2021

Dr. Ramsaroop

CEO, Guyana Office for Investment

Dr. Ramsaroop is a seasoned senior executive with experience across many fields of expertise, from business to economics and politics. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr. Ramsaroop leads efforts in both Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Local Content Investments (LCI). He also serves as Guyana’s Chief Investment Officer under the Office of the President of Guyana.

Dr. Ramsaroop is a former US AIR Force Military Officer (retired) and some of his previous roles include, Chairman of RoopGroup Investments (Guyana), Former Chairman and CEO of Evolvent Inc., and Consultant to NASA. A proven entrepreneur with three successful multi-million startups, he is also a celebrated author and associate professor who holds several degrees, including a Ph.D. in Management and Public Policy, and an MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia.