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Global insurance company meets customer demand with itel Work-at-Home

May 26, 2021

There was time when shopping for home, auto and life insurance was relegated to finding a broker who did all the leg work and presented a series of options, case closed. In today’s world of digitally enabled, at-your-finger-tip solutions, customers shop differently, and insurance companies have caught on. 52% of insurance customers refer to themselves as relationship buyers and more than ever the insurance industry has embraced “customers serving customers” to provide meaningful customer experiences.

A global insurance company needed a better way to find qualified Property & Casualty Licensed Sales and Non-Licensed Customer Service agents. They needed experts with flexibility, who understood the art of creating customer experiences across a large geographic foot print. A solution that could augment their capabilities over the phone, via email and chat, but how to do this in a highly secure, cost-effective manner?

The Approach

itel At-Home is a sophisticated solution designed specifically for high complexity, highly secure virtual agent interactions. The insurance company vetted our overall infrastructure and security protocols certifying that itel At-Home could handle sensitive customer data, remotely and securely. Our solution included the development of a virtual based, adult learning program, nationwide hiring strategy, video enabled support solution coupled with a flexible staffing model to ensure geographic redundancy and proper call arrival alignment.


  • 45 days to launch, we onboarded 30 licensed agents across multiple states
  • Within 90 days, we had 120 agents in production
  • The client saw 20% improvement in a key client metrics compared with in-house operations
  • Real-time staffing burst capacity, 10-30% allowing more calls to be handled during unplanned volume events
  • Client has realized a cost reduction of approximately 30% compared with their in-house operations
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