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itel’s Customized Approach to Learning and Interactive Workshops Leads to a 9-Point Increase in Agent Quality Scores 

December 7, 2023

Here at itel, we believe that learning and development is an ongoing process and shouldn’t end once basic training is over. Whenever our agents need additional support or upskilling, we find new ways to provide our teams with meaningful feedback, personalized coaching suggestions, and opportunities to level up. Learn how we implemented new coaching workshops, specifically designed for one of our CX teams. It was so effective, within a matter of weeks, we elevated our Quality Assurance scores nine whole percentage points, which permitted us to deliver 103% to the client’s target. 


Shortly after taking on customer care and reservation services for a new Travel & Hospitality client, we realized that our CX teams were delivering great service overall, yet there seemed to be a mismatch between customer feedback, which was generally very positive, and the Quality Assurance (QA) scores some agents were receiving internally. Against a client target of 85%, some of our agents’ QA scores persistently averaged below 78%. We realized that, likely, what we were dealing with was a knowledge gap. But, to solve the issue, and to deliver the necessary interventions, we needed to understand why some were struggling to meet this threshold and not others. This would involve digging into the data, reviewing performance metrics, and uncovering the reason for this anomaly, as well as possible solutions.  


We began with a series of Focus Sessions between all stakeholders, including Operations, QA teams, and trainers, to identify where the issue was occurring. After a thorough analysis of data sets, one area became glaringly obvious as the weak spot in this specific team’s performance. There was a key scripted piece that agents had to communicate on all customer bookings. It consisted of three parts, and for legal reasons, all three parts needed to be stated clearly. It was so crucial that if agents failed to follow through, even if they excelled in other areas, their QA scores would be automatically lower. Roughly 17% of our agents missed one out of the three scripts. That’s when we decided the best approach would be to perform a training “refresher” that would involve the entire business unit.  

A series of targeted workshops would be the most efficient way to deliver this retraining. Therefore, our trainers created a custom curriculum that involved:

  • Reviewing performance data in detail with the entire business unit.
  • Discussion sessions where agents could ask questions and clarify objectives.
  • An interactive component, which consisted of helpful role play with training team.
  • Opportunities to attend Calibration Sessions to hear direct client feedback.

What was revealed during the process was that some agents didn’t understand the importance of relaying these scripts, or fully grasp why all three scripted sections needed to be read. Once expectations were aligned, and everyone understood the priority, QA scores rapidly improved.  


Prior to our workshop intervention, some agents struggled to achieve the required QA target. Within a matter of weeks post-workshop, QA scores rose dramatically, from the low 70’s to a week-over-week average of 88%. This meant not only meeting the client’s QA goal of 85%, but achieving 103% to client target, with some agent scores peaking between 90-92%. The key was quickly identifying the knowledge gap, addressing it through additional training, then reinforcing it through 1:1 coaching. We also instilled a certain level of accountability by ensuring that agents understand how their overall performance scores can be affected by not adhering to certain protocols, which has resulted in continuous quality improvement.  

Empowering Our Agents

Now, these agents have a thorough understanding of why certain processes are required, from a legal standpoint, from the client’s perspective, and from a CX delivery perspective. This has allowed them to perform at an even higher level than before. Through these personalized, interactive workshops, agents were able to come together with supervisors and trainers, to work collaboratively towards a solution. Many of our agents found this process not only enlightening, but empowering, allowing them to take ownership over this client’s success story, which has fostered a renewed commitment to delivering quality CX. 

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