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itel’s Exceptional Client Experience Leads to 100% Onboarding Client Satisfaction Rate

January 25, 2024

The onboarding phase is a pivotal moment in any client-outsourcer relationship. Whether a client has prior outsourcing experience or is engaging with an external vendor for the first time, this transition stage significantly influences the overall success of the customer experience (CX) partnership and often shapes the long-term effectiveness of a campaign. During this critical period, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that strategic decisions align with their objectives. We offer essential insights and guidance as we implement operational plans that put words into action. This has led to an impressive 100% onboarding success rate, a client retention rate of 81% and an average client tenure of 5 years – a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences from the very beginning and throughout the entire client journey. 


The onboarding experience can be immensely stressful. The client-vendor relationship is new, there is no certainty of success, and many unknowns that could derail the project. This is a time when clients place a fair amount of trust in their chosen outsourcer. Launch timelines are usually tight, anywhere from 60 to 90 days to reach proficiency, but in some cases, we have completed onboarding in as little as 4 weeks. There are many factors to consider. This ranges from establishing fundamental elements, such as agent headcounts, outsourcing locations, and facilities, to meeting infrastructure requirements and procuring essential resources. Success benchmarks must also be set, along with implementing quality assurance methods and addressing the complexities of talent sourcing and training. When initiating a contact center team from scratch, the project’s scope can swiftly become overwhelming. In such challenging circumstances, having an experienced partner is pivotal. They will make sure that the onboarding process unfolds seamlessly and precisely with the outlined plan.  


While many can talk a good talk, the solution will speak for itself. We leverage an industry-leading project management system, meticulously tracking each element in the implementation phase. This approach allows us to dissect the onboarding process into distinct, well-defined stages, ensuring transparency and precision in our execution. 

Stage 1, Project Initiation, is where we take the time to get to know the client’s business inside and out. This usually involves a kickoff meeting where we meet with the client to understand their statement of work and their vision for the project, as well as the timelines they need. Because of our extensive experience in setting up contact center operations, we can guide clients through that first planning stage. During breakout sessions within various departments, a project team is established, consisting of key staff, such as capacity planners. A charter is created that sets the project overview, along with ramp plans that are then shared with all stakeholders. 

Stage 2, Project Planning, is where we take a holistic view of the onboarding ecosystem and look at how we will fulfill all the requirements for things such as headcount, training materials, production space, hardware etc. Which means pulling all the teams together, from Talent Acquisition to Operations to our Information Technology team, to decide who will be assigned each task. We also have automated reminders and project management tools that keep us on track, allowing us to gauge our progress and ensure we adhere to established timelines. This may also be a time when clients need assistance with setting up a formal agent training curriculum. Using our years of training expertise, we can customize our sales and customer service fundamentals courses to whatever the client needs or a certain industry. Part of this stage involves “Training the Trainer”, where we familiarize our trainers with the customized curriculum and client expectations. All training programs also include our itel-specific cultural training, to make sure that all agents meet our high standard of service, and to ensure they are always customer oriented.  

Stage 3, Project Execution, and Stage 4, Project Control, ensures that all implementation goes according to plan. At this key stage, just prior to handing over day-to-day management to the Operations team, our onboarding team constantly communicates with clients, delivering timely progress reports, checking the project management dashboard to trace key milestones and ensure crucial tasks are being completed on time. In the Project Control stage, we also develop a risk management plan to handle any key concerns, which involves drafting mitigation steps and alternate action plans or pathways in case we need to deviate from what was originally outlined.  

In Stage 5, Project Closure, we engage in what we like to call “hyper care”, which is a deep-dive analysis of the onboarding journey - lessons learned, key action items moving forward, and finishing the formal handover to Operations with a client survey to assess how well onboarding was executed.  


According to our internal surveys, our clients have consistently rated our onboarding experience with a 100% success and satisfaction rate, which we attribute to our ongoing communication with clients throughout the onboarding process and beyond. We take any issue or concern very seriously and believe in over-communicating if any challenge arises, so a quick resolution can be found. Many clients are impressed by our structured and thorough process when it comes to implementation, and our open, collaborative approach, which invites clients to be as hands-on (or hands-off) as they like during the process. In fact, we have many clients that attend our product training on-site, and vice versa, we will also send our trainers to attend client-initiated training, so we understand their expectations and how to deliver the best on-brand experience. 


With our flexible and holistic approach to onboarding, and our transparent communication with clients at all stages of operations, we also hold a retention rate of 81% and enjoy an average client tenure of 5 years. We even have clients that have grown with us, consistently selecting us as their vendor of choice for over a decade. It’s all about building a rapport with clients and then consistently delivering beyond expectations, with a seamless experience that allows our partners to rest easy, knowing their business is well looked after. 

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