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Meet Ms. Angie: itel’s First Lady of Facilities

April 21, 2022

Everyone in the Montego Bay office knows Ms. Angie. Running short on office supplies? Call Ms. Angie. Want to make sure the site is pristine for a client visit? Ms. Angie is there, making sure every little detail is perfect. As the team lead for facility maintenance, she’s the engine behind the four bustling itel buildings that make up the Montego Bay location. And if the office feels like a family, for many, Ms. Angie would be the mum. She’s the one who ensures that the itel “house” is always in order and always feels welcoming to all.

One if itel's First Employees

Named Angella Robinson-Gordon, but affectionately known as “Ms. Angie” around the office, she’s been with the company since it opened its doors as Island Outsourcers back in 2012.

“Before this, I had various positions at restaurant chains like KFC, and eventually worked as a private house cleaner a few days a week,” says Ms. Angie. “Then, I was told about the open position at a small company called Island Outsourcers. I met Yoni [Epstein], itel’s Founding Chairman and CEO,” she explains, “and I thought he was just such a good man. At first, it was two days a week working for him, then that turned into five days, which turned into 10 years with the company.”

She has watched the organization grow firsthand from a small single office BPO with just 7 employees, and now, the more international “itel”, an award-winning customer experience company that currently employs over 6,000 people across 11 locations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the USA/Canada.

“But I remember when I was the first facility lady, back before it was called itel,” recalls Ms. Angie. “In the early days, it was just me and this one other lady. We would both work until seven o'clock at night and we were just like family, we had so much fun, and we just didn’t want to go home. We would be there after work, trying to find something to do so we could stay a little longer.”

Obviously, as the company grew in size, so did the facilities team. Now, Ms. Angie supports a group of maintenance personnel, which includes at least thirteen people on the day shift and four on the night rotation.

Responsible for everything related to facility cleanliness, Ms. Angie is the person behind the scenes that ensures that everyone feels comfortable and safe. She’s the sincere heart behind the itel story, and with every word, you feel the love she has for this company and its people.

A Day in the Life...

Ms. Angie starts her day in the Montego Bay countryside, where she raised her five children, four girls and one boy, and still lives today with her family. She commutes about 45 minutes, into the city, to reach the itel Montego Bay office, enjoying the early morning, her favorite time of day.

Known for always having a cheerful disposition, you might see her bustling around the office, greeting almost everyone by name. “I just love this place,” she says, “I love coming to work.”

Though her daily responsibilities keep her more than busy… “I might be getting items from the supplies room, making sure the ladies have everything they need to clean. I also clean the buildings, oversee deliveries, and just make sure everything looks nice and presentable.” Her favorite part of her job is when people notice the difference she makes, which could be as simple as an employee commenting about the freshness and cleanliness of the bathrooms.

She also feels privileged to work for a company with such beautiful facilities. “Have you seen the view I get to see every day?” She laughs, while she praises other things the company has offered her. This includes health benefits and free upskilling. For example, her manager, Franz Stoddart, taught her basic computer skills and how to use online spreadsheet programs, something she didn’t have before coming to work for itel.

“You also have some very lovely people here,” comments Ms. Angie. “I can always chat with them, and they always tell me, ‘Ms. Angie, you’re doing such a good job’. We’re like a family.”

Done for the day, Ms. Angie returns to her home in the countryside, where she sits down to a meal she lovingly prepares for her husband and two kids still living at home. Cooking is something she also takes immense pride in, as she rolls the same love, care, and attention into her favorite recipes for ackee and saltfish with bacon roastings, her delicious fried chicken, and homemade banana dumplings.

From Here, the Sky’s the Limit

When asked what the future holds for her, Ms. Angie has plans to better herself. Though she loves her job, she’s currently attending courses for Early Childhood Education, another passion of hers. She would like to work with children, but if she could also work for itel, that would be ideal.

Even if her path were to take her away from the company, she will always be grateful for the people she’s come to know, the skills she’s learned, and the sense of family that she sees as essentially “itel”.

“itel will always be a part of me,” she adds. “It will always feel like my second home.”

Thank you, Ms. Angie, for all that you do. And we hope you enjoyed getting to know Ms. Angie, from itel Montego Bay. Part of our "Year of You" blog series, focusing on employee experience.

Want to learn more about working at itel? Check out our Careers Page for more information about our company culture and to find current job openings.

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