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Why Our Eleventh Anniversary Feels Even More Momentous

June 22, 2023

Happy Anniversary Week, itel! 

This anniversary somehow feels even more momentous than our tenth. Not to say that our tenth wasn’t an unforgettable milestone. But every year past it, we prove to the world how strong we are, how enduring, how determined. This day and every day, we celebrate the uniqueness of ONEitel and the fact that our success is powered by everyONE on the team. Symbolized by the two “ones” united in the number 11, this anniversary is an exciting reminder that together we have had many great achievements and there are many more ahead of us.  

The first ten years is when you set a solid foundation. The next ten is when you build a legacy. This is why the 11th anniversary is symbolized by steel. Steel stands for durability, strength, and reliability, one of our foundational company values. It means something that endures and stands the test of time. 

We are a proud Caribbean-born company that has grown from 7 employees to 7,000, from one small building in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to 15 unique world-class facilities across 7 countries. We've lived and worked through a pandemic and years of uncertainty. We’ve expanded our facilities during supply shortages, tripled our workforce in a highly competitive labor market, all to meet the needs of our clients and customers and to facilitate our rapid growth. And we haven’t just ‘survived’ as a company. We are thriving. We are consistently outperforming and excelling at what we do. Always evolving, always growing into new regions and new countries, like Belize, a location we added just this past year.  

Yet, it feels like only yesterday when I first envisioned the company that would one day become itel. It began as the dream of one person. But that dream could not have been built alone. My wife and partner, Lisa, stood beside me, and soon others joined. It then quickly blossomed into what we know today as our large and wonderful itel family, and honestly, we could not have accomplished what we have in our 11 years without the contributions of each and every one. Your unique strengths, skills and talents have contributed to our success. Proving that alone we are strong, but together, we are even stronger. 

You, our team members, are the reason we have withstood the test of time, the reason we are reliable and strong as steel, and the reason we will make it another 11, 20, 30 years and more. Thank you for your hard work, your passion, and your commitment. When powerful individuals unite under a common vision, there’s nothing we can’t do. That’s the power of EveryONE that enables the power of ONE itel. 


Yoni Epstein

itel Founding Chairman & CEO 

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