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Women’s Healthcare Service Provider Achieves 94% CSAT and Quarter Million in Daily Sales Thanks to itel’s High Touch Approach 

February 23, 2024

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with the wide range of private services available, from mobile nurses to wellness centers, there are more niche segments every day that require bespoke customer support. Clients like these may need more of a white glove approach when it comes to serving their patient base, especially when dealing with privately paid services where patients are sharing their medical information and sensitive personal details. This kind of work requires a high level of discretion, empathy, and sensitivity, and for some, it calls for the creation of a personalized medical “concierge experience” that gives their business a distinct advantage over other providers. That is exactly what we did for one of our healthcare service clients, achieving a stellar 94% monthly CSAT and a 62% booking rate with almost a quarter of a million in daily sales.  


In this one example, our healthcare client had several service locations throughout the U.S., across four lines of business. Their in-house teams covered a range of support functions, from answering patient inquiries, to arranging medical consultations with doctors, pre- and post-operative care, coordinating testing and lab work, billing, as well as follow-up support to ensure successful patient outcomes. Due to their high volume of patients, they needed additional customer care and back-office support, which we supplied. But what was unique about this client relationship is that it was for a women’s-focused medical service, which required a different “concierge” approach, one with a female-only team that would work closely with patients to ensure a high-touch, personalized experience that felt safe and comfortable for women. This also included a special lead conversion component, where prospective patients would send their inquiries via social media, email, and phone calls. Our team would then follow up on these inquiries, gathering necessary information and supplying pre-qualifying medical documents, before connecting them to the client’s sales team for billing and payment. 


This specialized approach to patient services requires our agents to act more as care coordinators or consultants, where they reach out to patients at critical touchpoints to remind them of important dates and lab work. While our post-op coordinators handle things such as follow up appointments and prescriptions, and take note of health updates, to ensure that patients keep momentum towards a successful recovery. Weekly cadence calls between our operations teams allow this client to be as hands-on as they like, regularly reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs), along with any concerns, ideas, or new strategies. This has created a truly collaborative partnership between our teams and has enhanced overall service delivery and performance, allowing us to accommodate the significant ramp in business that happens between January and May each year, with a peak season headcount of 250 full-time equivalents (FTEs), a 30% increase over the steady state headcount.  


What makes us so adept at delivering this kind of tailored healthcare experience is our physical and cultural proximity to the U.S. Our agents can easily relate to this client’s customer base, making interactions warmer, friendlier, and more personalized, and far less transactional. While our specialized recruitment and selection process allowed us to source a significant pool of right-fit candidates that fit the client’s ideal profile. This helped us to create a high-performing team of female agents, with the required skillsets and interests, especially those with an interest in the medical field, such as those studying to become doctors or nurses. By offering a unique and interesting customer support role that allows for closer, more gratifying relationships with customers, we have also maintained a record low attrition rate. Additionally, we source over 90% of our managers from within our in-house team, which has allowed us to retain the necessary skills and talents to ensure the best patient experience. The result is that we have consistently maintained an average monthly CSAT of 94%, along with a 62% sales conversion rate, with an average daily total sales of $241, 000 generated by 40 FTEs within the group. 


As we continue to enhance operational success through a newly integrated data visualization tool that channels all performance data into a unified dashboard, we can now use this to reveal powerful trends, patterns, and insights. This will allow our client to make faster, more informed decisions that help to sustain business growth and continuity.  We have also expanded our service delivery to include Spanish language support through our Honduras location. Most notably, we now help this client to deliver a totally unique and satisfying white glove experience, one that sets their business apart from the rest.  

Want more details about how we can support healthcare service providers, and medical insurers, by delivering an exceptional patient experience? Click here.


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