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YOUnique: Jose Blanco  

July 9, 2024

“That's what I love about itel. It’s the first company where I feel like I can really grow. In previous companies, I never felt like I had the same opportunities.” 

We sit down today with Jose Blanco, a Customer Experience Coach from itel Honduras. After leaving his teaching position in 2015, he applied for BPO industry jobs, and worked in customer service until joining itel in 2022. Starting as a Customer Service Representative, he’s tried many different roles in the organization, while also attending university to upgrade his skills.  

Tell us a little about yourself, Jose. Have you always worked in BPO? 

I started in the BPO industry in 2015, after I left my job as an English teacher. One day, my friend, who was working for itel, said they were hiring and suggested I apply. Luckily, I was able to secure the job in the first interview and I started as a customer service representative in 2022.  

How would you describe yourself in three words?  

I would say respectful, enthusiastic, and empathetic. 

Those are wonderful attributes. Did they help you in your career journey at itel?  

Yes, I really think they helped me get to where I am today. I was a frontline agent for almost six months. Then, I had the amazing opportunity to become a temporary Customer Experience (CX) Coach, which wasn’t made permanent right away. So, when my contract period was finished, I applied to be a temporary supervisor, and held that position for a while. Until I was able to go back to the role of CX Coach, which again started as temporary, but then I excelled so well in the role that it was recently made permanent. 

Congratulations! That was quite an interesting career evolution… 

Well, I never regretted it, because at the end of the day, it gave me a lot of experience and helped me better understand different facets of the organization.  

We’d love to know more about your daily role as a CX Coach. What are some of your responsibilities?  

So, for now, I'm actually in charge of customer experience at our Honduras location in San Pedro Sula. I coach supervisors directly, which involves listening to their coaching calls with agents. I analyze both English and Spanish calls, as our teams offer bilingual service. Then, I compile insights and identify areas of opportunity where they can improve, and I send these findings to the supervisors and operation managers, which in turn, helps them become more effective team leaders. I also find better ways to approach difficult customer situations and how they can best coach their teams to optimize agent performance and customer engagement.  

Obviously, your role is critical for our supervisors and agents. But how does your role as CX Coach affect the client experience?  

In my opinion, I think it's extremely important. Because at the end of the day, we are not just providing feedback. We are teaching supervisors how to handle difficult situations and different performance challenges. And this directly affects the outcomes that clients see. Things like customer satisfaction and loyalty all depend on delivering great customer service. And from what we’ve heard from clients, we’re doing an excellent job.  

What makes you the perfect fit for this role? What special energy do you bring to the table?  

I will say that my enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why I'm here, as well as my strong empathy. I feel that it allows me to better understand different situations or different scenarios that our supervisors in Honduras go through. It also allows me to communicate in a way that won’t offend others or put them in a defensive position. Because sometimes, my job requires me to give critical feedback and I want our supervisors to be receptive to the insights I’m sharing. That requires tact and strong people skills.  

What do you enjoy most about being a CX Coach?  

I love interacting with people and providing feedback. It’s in my teacher’s nature. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights. I also love continuously learning and this role requires that I constantly keep learning, keep improving, so I can help my supervisors do the same.  

It’s also a significant role that comes with many responsibilities. How do you keep yourself motivated?  

I just imagine the impact it will have on my supervisors or the operation managers’ team. Knowing that the information I provide will be useful and may help them do their jobs more effectively. To know I’ve helped someone grow professionally and maybe even personally… it motivates me a lot. 

What is the most challenging task you’ve had to overcome?  

Of course, in any role there are going to be challenges. People do not always receive feedback well. Sometimes, they see things differently than I do, and that is why I always try to remain open to other people’s opinions. I try to understand where they’re coming from, so I can deliver my feedback in a way they can accept.

You clearly are well suited to your role, and we hear you were made CX Coach of the Month. Can you tell us more about this…   

I just received the award this month, and honestly, I’m both flattered and humbled. I did not expect it. I was just doing my job as best as I could, and this was a completely unexpected gift. I am so appreciative. 

Is recognition one of the things that inspires you about itel?  

To be quite honest with you, this is the first company where I feel like I can really grow. In previous companies, I never felt like I had the same opportunities. But it's completely different here. At itel, I feel heard, I feel seen, and valued for who I am, and what I can contribute. It really is a place where you can find a fulfilling career.  

So, how do you see your future at itel? Would you like to step into distinct roles, departments, or responsibilities? 

Funny you should ask because I’m currently applying for a trainer role. I mean, I love being a CX Coach, however, I really think being a trainer plays to my strengths. With my background as a teacher, I think it comes naturally to me. And maybe one day, I can step into a role where I get to develop learning materials and course curricula. I don’t plan to just stay in one position. I plan to grow in the company.  

Thank you for sharing that. Now, we’d like to know a little bit about your life outside of work. What do you enjoy most about living in San Pedro Sula?  

I moved to San Pedro Sula about three years ago, and I honestly love the environment. It's really a fun city. We have a lot of different activities. There’s always something to see and do. We also have this combination of mountains and some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. It’s a perfect mix of both city and country.  

What’s your favorite pastime? What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  

I’m studying to become a visual arts teacher now. It’s something I’m doing while I work at itel, and I’m grateful that the company gives me flexible schedules, so I can do both. My classwork involves a lot of visual mediums, like painting and drawing, but also photography, which is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s also a side business for me and my partner. I take pictures at weddings and special events, and even have an Instagram account for my photos. I’m also an animal lover. I have three cats. Two males and one female, and the female is the only one that's allowed to go outside of the house. She’s the silly and sometimes difficult one. 

That sounds great. Is there also a fun fact about yourself that you can share… 

I admit, I love horror movies. But I’m too scared to watch them. At least in the nighttime. I always watch them with the lights on and prefer to see them in the daytime. My favorite one is “Drag Me to Hell”. It was an absolute horror. I didn't sleep for almost three nights after watching it. 

Thank you, Jose, for sharing your itel story with us. It has been an inspirational journey that is sure to motivate others to try various positions and departments. It’s always inspiring to see that there are many possibilities here in the company and always the option to learn and grow. We also better understand your role as CX Coach and why that is so important, and we wish you the best of luck as your career continues to evolve.  

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