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The Mid-Shore Advantage

Cross-Atlantic Outsourcing

Looking for the perfect middle ground in CX outsourcing?
European businesses can find cost-effective, culturally aligned CX services, closer to home.


By outsourcing to CX destinations across the Caribbean and Latin America, you enjoy the same cost savings as going far-shore, but with greater cultural alignment and collaboration.

It’s difficult to create Authentic CX when your partners are several time zones away. Close collaborations can be challenging when working with offshore partners in places such as India and the Philippines. Yet, sourcing the right skills and talent within Europe can be costly and time consuming.

The Benefits of "Mid-shoring"

Mid-shore outsourcers are gaining increased recognition because of their business-friendly environments and access to large cross-Atlantic labor pools where you can source specific skills and expertise, amid countries that have a long history of doing business with European organizations.

As British Commonwealth countries, destinations in the Caribbean and Latin American share similar cultural values and have a natural affinity with European brands. By partnering with mid-shore providers, you can not only bring in added resources, skills, and technologies to make your business more resilient, but you can offer your customers an authentically on-brand, culturally aligned experience that doesn’t feel “outsourced”.

Source In-Demand Skills

Many European countries are facing an unprecedented skills shortage. Mid-shore locations offer wide talent pools of enthusiastic job seekers, who view contact center positions as stable long-term careers, resulting in above average retention rates. These regions also invest heavily in technical training, producing thousands of graduates per year specializing in high-demand, tech-related skills.

Language Capabilities

As part of the British Commonwealth, many mid-shore countries offer easy access to large populations of native English speakers, with strong accent neutralization. Additional pools of Spanish speakers can also offer your customers in-language service that enhances brand interactions.

Better Cost Management

Surveys show that 75% of European business leaders are concerned about rising costs. Mid-shore providers have all the mechanisms and recruitment channels in place to efficiently source new agents at scale, which gives long-term savings on hiring costs, while also offering globally competitive wages.

Robust Infrastructure

The mid-shore offers robust, world-class IT infrastructure that can guarantee service continuity. Caribbean and Latin American governments have made significant infrastructure investments with the capacity to support increased growth. Our reliable infrastructure and modern facilities can help you tap into the advantage of geo-redundancy, while minimizing any risks to service quality.

Access to New Technologies

Improve efficiency and streamline operations with the right technology. Our innovation team can help you drive digital transformation throughout your customer journey. Latin America has some of the world’s best developers, AI, and automation specialists, at lower cost than their European counterparts, and with greater ability to collaborate closely, compared to outsourced teams in India or the Philippines.

Enjoy Closer Proximity

Enjoy 23% less travel time than other popular outsourcing destinations for European businesses, such as South Africa. Closer time zone alignment and shorter air travel offers several advantages. It’s much easier to have closer collaboration and partnership when time zones are more aligned.

Let’s start building lasting customer relationships, together.