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Nearshore and Onshore Outsourcing

Take advantage of our diverse on-site and work-at-home operations.


Gain maximum flexibility to support your business and continually evolve your CX.

Both the Caribbean and Latin America have become go-to destinations for North American companies seeking authentically on-brand experiences and quality CX.

That’s because, without question, nearshore services provide the most cost-effective and efficient ways to minimize risk and enhance nimbleness while driving customer satisfaction.

Explore Our Nearshore Locations

Why the globe’s major brands are choosing Latin America & the Caribbean.

The Proximity

Close locations and time zones that align with North America offer several advantages. First, greater visibility into our operations, so you can see firsthand how we support you. Second, shorter air travel, which means less time away from home.

It's Cost-Effective

Our nearshore locations offer competitively priced solutions, so your business will have greater stability and cost management, with the flexibility to scale your operations as needed.

Access a Skilled Talent Pool

The nearshore offers strong local talent pools that see the growing global services industry as a pathway to professional development and career growth. With industry-specific training and the right tools in hand, they enthusiastically provide top tier service and support.


There’s a large English-speaking population with easy accent neutralization. This facilitates communication and greater connection for both you and your customers.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our cutting-edge infrastructure and modern, purpose-built facilities guarantee reliable service for your business. With the capacity to scale and the advantage of geo-redundancy, we can quickly pivot or enhance your omnichannel services, while minimizing any risks that could compromise service quality.

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Diversify your CX delivery with our coast-to-coast, work-at-home network of agents across the U.S.

Want to diversify your CX delivery beyond the nearshore? The United States is culturally and economically diverse, creating an ideal environment for delivering personalized, authentic experiences and genuine connection with your North American customers.

Access specialized expertise across the U.S. with our comprehensive work-at-home network that spans over 20 states.

Tap into Unique Expertise

If you’re looking for unique expertise and specialized licenses, especially in industries that require close industry regulation and compliance monitoring, such as Insurance and Healthcare, you can benefit from choosing onshore service, sales and support.

Multilingual Capability

Our U.S. network has a wide array of talent with multiple language capabilities, who can essentially offer a culturally relevant experience that resonates with diverse audiences. This is not only proven to increase brand affinity and loyalty, but offers customers a more authentic, personalized experience.

Advanced Work-at-Home Platform

Our onshore solutions are supported by cutting-edge infrastructure and technology – some of the best in the world. By segmenting our systems so no two clients share the same databases or resources, our advanced telework platform ensures secure and reliable service that guarantees the utmost data security and privacy.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Keeping Your Data Safe: itel’s Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies Mitigate Thousands of Incidents Per Year

Find out how itel’s rigorous data protection standards, processes, and AI-infused technologies, help identify threats before they become breaches...
Case Studies

itel Ramps Hospitality Client's CX Operations Over 30% in 90 Days

Learn how we helped one of the largest hospitality brands in the world to ramp up their customer support during peak travel season.
Case Studies

itel's Flexible CX Saves an Insurance Agency $200K per Year

Serving American customers for over 50 years, this licensed insurance agency is ranked as a leader in customer satisfaction. Since 2017, itel has contributed to maintaining the company’s stellar reputation by keeping customers happy. We deliver nearshore customer support from the Bahamas and onshore inbound sales with licensed Property & Casualty agents operating in 22 states.

Let’s start building lasting customer relationships, together.