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Jamaica: A history of hospitality. A leader in global services.

With a natural affinity for services and an ample, educated labor pool, Jamaica is recognized as one of the most prestigious global services destinations worldwide.

Location Overview

Jamaica is known for its welcoming service and warm hospitality due to its rich history as a hub for tourism, commerce, and trade.

itel is an extension of this legacy. Vibrant, charming, and talented, our Jamaica team delivers high-quality digital and personal interactions every day across a number of verticals and channels.

With a population of 2.7 million people, Jamaica is the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean and the third-largest in the Western Hemisphere, excluding the U.S. and Canada. Due to its close proximity to North American markets, there is a strong cultural affinity that feels natural when conducting business. It’s no surprise that customers find it easy to engage and communicate with our agents.

The fastest man on earth isn’t the only source of speed on the island. Jamaica has a world-class telecommunications infrastructure to support global connectivity. The sector is established and continuously growing through investments in skills development, commercial space, and technology parks.

It's not all about reggae and red stripe

Why Jamaica?

Learn why Jamaica offers a world of possibilities for your customer experience management.


Our team and the overarching talent pool in Jamaica are equal to that of anywhere in the world. They’re enthusiastic, skilled, and ambitious.


With a young, large, educated labor force (country of over 2.5M & median age of 26 years), your business is in the perfect environment to scale.

Cost-effective service

Our services in Jamaica strive to be competitive and cost-effective in order to provide the best service possible for less.

Convenient Location

Jamaica is close to the North American market and has the convenience of operating in Eastern Standard Time.

Robust Infrastructure

Our site in Jamaica has a robust, world-class telecom infrastructure to support all the requirements for global connectivity.

Priority Growth Sector

Jamaica continues to solidify its place as the leading global service destination in the Caribbean through initiatives such as the 5-year Global Services Sector Project.

Outsource to the Caribbean 2018/19
Outsource to the Caribbean 2018/19
Growth Excellence Leadership Award - Latin America & Caribbean 2018/19
Caribbean BPO of the Year 2017/18
Outsource2Jamaica 2018
Kingston, Jamaica

An Urban Homebase in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is the capital and corporate center of Jamaica. With a population of 1.3 million, the city enjoys modern business infrastructure, easy access to public transportation and major thoroughfares, and a growing, young, and educated workforce. In fact, the region’s top tertiary educational institution, the University of the West Indies, has one of its principal campuses in Kingston, as well as several other private and public higher education institutions. 

Located in the heart of Kingston, on Chalmers Avenue, our ultramodern 90,000 square-foot, customer experience delivery center features futuristic office spaces, purpose-built, to offer employees maximum comfort, safety, and wellness. The facility’s unique design meant to inspire and to elevate the senses, while paying homage to the company’s Caribbean roots. 

Chalmers features: 

  • More than 80,000 square feet of multi-floor production space.
  • Spacious and comfortable workstations that allow a safe distance between agents 
  • Modern interior design incorporating organic elements and visual art to create a calming effect 
  • Multi-purpose conference rooms and informal meeting areas for easy collaboration  
  • Chill rooms, onsite gym and social spaces for employee comfort 
  • Adjoining land available for future construction of additional facilities 
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Our Silicon-Valley by the Sea

Our campus headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is surrounded by a booming hospitality sector and bustling area of commerce. The campus consists of 4 seaside buildings overlooking the Caribbean Sea and with long views of the city centre and mountains. Montego Bay has traditionally been the hub of global services on the island with a longstanding history of outsourcing. Its internationally renowned tourism and hospitality sector is a beacon of pride and provides a foundational mindset for delivering world-class customer service.

  • Purpose-built state-of-the-art facilities designed with modern architecture and interior styling
  • Large cafeteria with open-air seaside terrace
  • A strong and tenured pool of talent with contact center experience
  • Vibrant wall art and decor
  • Indoor and outdoor social spaces for employee enjoyment
  • Onsite banking and access to other personal care services
  • Employee transportation provided to and from work daily
Making an impact in the community

4Ys Foundation

Our 4Ys Foundation has given us a mechanism for employees, friends and corporate partners to expand their philanthropic footprint.

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