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Catering to the 3 Travel Trends of 2024 

Many wonder what the travel outlook will be for 2024. Travelers may be looking at getting more value for their money, but that's led to some intriguin...

Tech Companies, Here’s Why Outsourcing Could Be Your Best Cost-Saving Solution  

Rising costs and interest rates. It’s no surprise that many tech companies are scaling back their CX teams. Here's an alternative cost-saving soluti...

YOUnique: Kryzzia Cyr

Meet Kryzzia Cyr, a Customer Experience Site Lead at itel. Learn more about her role and how she's taking our team performance to the next level. 

Designing an Employee Experience that Engages, Nurtures, and Retains Talent

Brittany Hodak, celebrated speaker and bestselling author, explains the 3 pivotal stages of employee experience and why each is critical to CX success...

The 5 Ways We Use CX Data

What does it mean to be a "data led" CX partner? Though it’s standard practice to collect and report data, what matters most is how you use it.

Who Is Switching Energy Providers and Why?

Who is switching energy providers and why? We investigate two key energy markets, the U.S. and UK, to see why some consumers are more prone to switch...

Designing a New “Fitness Journey” in the Digital Experience Economy

Fitness is being virtualized, gamified and made accessible at home through connected devices. What support will be needed to serve this $34 billion in...

Supporting ‘Console Culture’: Making Post Holiday Support Easy for Everyone

Console culture is very much alive. But gamers are often left with limited support options after the holidays. Here’s how game companies can remedy ...

Accelerating Digital Transformation: The Critical Role of CX Vendors in Financial Services

With rising competition, financial service providers are being forced to accelerate their digital transformation and CX vendors play a critical role.

Insurers Face a Rough Season Ahead for Winter Claims

Winter may seem far off, but insurers may want to prepare for the rise in insurance claims as the U.S. braces for more severe winter storms.