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itel SPOTlight: Astrid Romero

September 29, 2022

Astrid Romero

Meet Astrid, one of itel’s Engagement Champions from Honduras.  

“When I started at itel, I could not imagine that I would be given the opportunity of a lifetime. It has allowed me to grow, to test myself, and to achieve things I never thought I was capable of doing. It has allowed me to support not only my fellow employees, but also my community.” 

Thank you for joining us today, Astrid. It’s great to meet you. Your role sounds exciting. Can you tell us a little about what it means to be an Engagement Champion?  

Astrid: Being an Engagement Champion involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Essentially, we are responsible for the unity and quality of the work environment. We encourage employee participation, feedback, and any innovative ideas they would like to share, especially if it promotes the culture and values of itel. We also share the company's best practices, and work with every role, department, and person, to reinforce areas that need improvement and to guide leaders towards creating the best work environments.  

How did you become an Engagement Champion? What’s your “itel story”? 

Astrid: It was all thanks to my younger sister, who was one of the first itel employees in Honduras. In January of 2022, I also joined itel, first as a contact center agent, then I quickly moved into an Engagement role and have been a part of this amazing family for 8 months now. 

So, what makes you the perfect fit for this role?  

Astrid: I feel that you’re never “perfect” for a job position. It was more like my position chose me. Somehow it suits my energetic way of being and allows me to let my imagination fly, especially my desire to make a difference. 

Sounds like you really enjoy your job. What do you like most about it?  

Astrid: I can be me. I can also make other people’s “itel experience” the best of their lives by helping colleagues in different countries who want to support their employees. 

We also hear you’ve been one of our most passionate Brand Ambassadors. That you’ve helped with recruitment campaigns, took part in TV interviews, videos, and you’ve even been on company posters. What’s it like being an unofficial “itel star”? 

Astrid: It’s actually been surprising. At first, I was a little hesitant. After all, you’re putting yourself out there as a company representative, and I didn’t know what to expect. Then, people started to recognize me, and they were all happy to meet me. I was so relieved! But it was the strong women in leadership who really encouraged me to become a Brand Ambassador. All throughout my time as an agent, they reminded me that I was capable of anything, and motivated me to keep growing.  

Is that why you’re so passionate about encouraging others to join itel? 

Astrid: My experience is the one I try to replicate with others. I want people to know what’s possible, what you can achieve, when you join the right place.  

In your opinion, how does being a Brand Ambassador help the company evolve and grow?  

Astrid: If an employee feels that a company aligns with his/her values, they will feel loyalty. They will want to stay and support the company’s growth. And Brand Ambassadors really show people how the values and culture of a company become part of you. We are more than just mere symbols. We really ‘live the brand’. We show people that it’s a lifestyle, not just a career.  

Tell us something about itel that inspires you.  

Astrid: itel offers the opportunity to grow, but it also gives you moments in which you test yourself and achieve things you never thought you were capable of doing. That vote of confidence is what has impacted me the most, not only as an employee, but as a person.  

I’m sure you have challenging days as well. How do you keep yourself motivated?  

Astrid: We are all so diverse and have so many ideas of what a workplace should look like, feel like, it can be challenging to find the right vision for everyone, without leaving anyone out. But, in those cases, in those difficult moments when I might feel frustrated or overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and remind myself that within every “impossible” there is a “possible”. Nothing comes easy when you’re seeking great results.  

“Determined” is definitely a word I would use to describe you. What other words would you use to describe yourself? 

Astrid: I would say "passionate", "motivated", and "ambitious".  

Do you think there’s a special energy that sets you apart from the rest?  

Each person plays an essential part in this beautiful company, but I can say that I am deeply passionate about my plans and always willing to learn.  

Since you mentioned that you’re “ambitious”, how do you see your future at itel? Any big plans or goals?  

Astrid: I want to strengthen my role and our operations in Honduras, and I want my country to become a shining example of how you should treat your employees and your community. Setting a precedent for those to come.  

You sound deeply passionate about your role and your home country. What do you enjoy most about living and working in Honduras?  

Astrid: I was born in the land of coffee and Mayan culture, my beautiful Copan, then raised by the feet of the Puca Mountain. My country is richer than what people hear on the news. Living here has taught me that I am privileged and that being Honduran means that you represent a five-star country. I was always taught that not everything comes easy, but if the land is worked properly, it will give you the richest harvest.  

What do you enjoy doing outside work?  

Astrid: I’m a bit of a homebody and enjoy staying at home, but I treasure the quality time I spend with my family and partner. I also have many hobbies, but painting is one of my favorite pastimes.  

Sounds wonderful. I will have to see one of your paintings one day. Before we close, I always like to ask itelers to share one fun fact about themselves. Anything come to mind?  

Astrid: Not everyone may know this, but I am a twin sister.  

Identical twins?  

Astrid: Yes.  

That means, if we come to visit you in Honduras, we’ll be seeing two of you around town?  

Astrid: Maybe…  

That is amazing. Thank you again, Astrid, for sitting down with us. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your itel story. We wish you the best in your role as Engagement Champion and look forward to watching your career blossom and grow. 

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