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Providing Customer Support in the Era of Social Commerce and the TikTok Retail Model

If social commerce is the gateway to younger consumers, does this mean that social media will become the primary channel for customer support?

Building Contact Center Love: Six Ways to Attract and Retain Gen Z Workers

Our series starts off with Gen Z, the hardest generation to retain. Find out how to attract and keep a generation that’s rewriting all the workplace...

Ready Player One: Is Your Customer Support Primed for a BIG YEAR of Video Game Releases?

More than 100 new games will be released in 2023 and good player support is crucial. Here’s how you can level up your CX.

Get Your CX Geared Up for Another Busy Summer of Car Rentals

Over 206 million American travelers are planning to take to the road this summer and they will need rental cars. With industry challenges persisting, ...

Embedded Finance: The 2023 FinTech Trend That Promises Increased Customer Satisfaction

We explore one of the biggest Fintech trends of the year, embedded finance, and how will that affect the delivery of the new “financial” customer ...

Comparing Outsourcing Destinations: Nearshore, India and the Philippines

Not sure where to outsource your customer support? We compare traditional outsourcing & BPO destinations against the up-and-coming Latin America & Car...

What Insurers Can Learn from 2022’s Hurricane Season

2022's hurricane season was the third most expensive on U.S. record. What lessons can P&C insurers learn that will help them prepare for 2023?

itel SPOTlight: Sean Williams

Meet Sean Williams, from itel Montego Bay. Learn about his amazing career journey, including a recent promotion to Executive Vice President of Client ...

How Utility Providers Can Prepare for the New Energy Consumer

A new energy economy is emerging. Consumers have a desire for renewable options like wind and solar. But how can utility companies cater to the new en...

4 Black Friday Trends That Can Help Retailers Prepare for Next Year

Black Friday continues to be one of the biggest days for retail, but much has changed. Here's what retailers can learn from this year's 4 biggest new ...

itel’s Industry Leading CX Delivery Helps US-based Global Retailer with Channel Leading CSAT

Find out how itel's reliable staffing and training model helped them achieve #1 CSAT for this global retailer, surpassing 14 other vendors in capabili...

Is Your Customer Support Ready for the 2023 Rush of Summer Family Vacations?

Despite concerns over cost, 41% of American families are planning to spend big on travel this summer, and they have very specific needs. Find out how ...

Preparing Your Customer Support for a “Taxing” Tax Season

If last year was any indication, tax software companies are in for a hectic tax season. Here's what to consider when scaling your customer & tech supp...

The Generation Gap: How Customer Service Needs Vary by Age

Each generation has different needs and preferences when it comes to customer service. So, what do Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z want?

Good Service Will Help Soothe Automotive Retailer Challenges

Empty dealerships, year-long delivery times... Car buyers are frustrated as automotive retailers face significant inventory challenges. Here's how CX ...

What Has Changed in Customer Service?

We interview bestselling author and renown customer experience expert, Shep Hyken, as we discuss recent shifts in customer service.

itel SPOTlight: Astrid Romero

Meet Astrid, one of our Engagement Champions. Learn more about her role and why her goal is to make everyone's 'itel experience' the best.

itel Ramps Hospitality Client’s CX Operations Over 30% in 90 Days

Learn how we helped one of the largest hospitality brands in the world to ramp up their customer support during peak travel season.

Should You Outsource Your Customer Support?

CX outsourcing has many benefits, but some companies are still unsure. If you have questions, here's why the nearshore could hold the answers. 

itel Automation Reduces Workforce Analyst Work Times by 90 Percent

Learn how our Innovation Team used automation to transform a manual process into a highly efficient semi-automated task, boosting productivity.

When are Chatbots Helpful? 4 Customer Support Scenarios 

AI Chatbots can bring greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy to your customer experience. But when is it best to employ a Bot? We look at four common...

Stuck on Repeat: Solving the Number One Customer Complaint

Over half of customers say that repeating their issues is their #1 contact center complaint. Our Innovation Team offers expert tips for reducing repet...

What is Customer Journey Mapping and Why is it Important?

Want happy, lifelong customers? Customer Journey Mapping identifies the moments that matter, so you can deliver the best customer experience. Learn mo...

Client in Genetic Sciences Sees 4-Point Increase in CSAT & Issue Resolution Scores

This Genetic Sciences Client witnessed a 2-4 point increase in CSAT and Issue Resolution scores as itel agents surpass other business lines...

The Benefits of Cross-Training Agents

Cross-training agents can provide many benefits, such as maximizing cost savings and efficiency. Learn how we use cross-training at itel to strategica...

Meet Kemika: Security and Safety Manager at itel

Meet Kemika, part of our Environmental Health, Safety and Security team. Learn more about her role at itel and what she loves most about working here.

“i am itel” Campaign Kicks Off

This month, itel marked its 10-year anniversary by launching the ‘i am itel’ campaign, to capture the essence of the itel employee and culture, in...

Celebrating 10 Years of itel

As itel celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Founding Chairman & CEO, Yoni Epstein, shares his thoughts on the company’s growth and evolution.

4 Ways We Foster a Fair, Inclusive, and Diverse Workplace

Diversity & inclusion are something many companies talk about, but here are 4 examples of how we actively foster an open, collaborative & fair workpla...

Chalmers Stunning Office Design Seeks to Elevate and Inspire

Chalmers is itel's new ultramodern 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Kingston, Jamaica, whose stunning design is setting new standards for BPOs in the region...

Appreciating Our Trainers at itel

Educators are important. They motivate, inspire, and at itel, they transmit crucial knowledge. That’s why we're highlighting our trainers, asking th...

Unique “Chill Spaces” Offer a Fun Take on Office Design

itel’s Chill Spaces are reinventing the boring employee breakroom, with vibrant nature-inspired designs and all the comforts of home. Learn more...

Mothers: It’s OK to Be Proud of Being a Working Mom

There’s a growing movement to shed "working mom guilt" and find pride in working motherhood. Here's how to do it, with real tips from itel's moms.

The People Behind itel’s International Health and Safety Team

Meet the unsung heroes of the workplace, the people behind itel's Employee Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) team, responsible for managing and maint...

Meet Ms. Angie: itel’s First Lady of Facilities

Everyone in the Montego Bay office knows Ms. Angie, who’s in charge of facility maintenance. Meet the woman who ensures the itel “house” is alwa...

To Grow, Cryptocurrency Companies Need Better Customer Care

Many people are intrigued by cryptocurrency. But the thing that stands in the way of mass adoption is sub par customer support.

Employee Wellness the Focus During Health & Safety Month  

A lot goes on behind the scenes of a smooth-running workplace. For World Health Day, we thought it fitting to lift the veil and explain the vital resp...

4 Ways Your CX Can Boost Travelers’ Trust & Bookings

Travel is resuming. But people still have lingering concerns that keep them from booking. Here's 4 ways companies can use CX to win travelers back.

Meet Jamel Brown: One of itel’s Rising Stars

For itel’s “Year of You”, we wanted to highlight employee success stories, starting with Jamel Brown, Operations Supervisor at itel Montego Bay,...

itel’s Innovation Lab Offers Clients New Ways to Solve CX Challenges

At itel's Innovation Lab, clients can find new, exciting ways to enhance their customer experience. Learn more about this innovation powerhouse.

Younger Consumers Demand Digital-First Customer Experience

If you’re going to digitize your customer experience, do it fast. Here's why younger consumers will not forgive brands who fail to adopt new tech an...

itel earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Nearshore Customer Value Leadership Award

As one of the fastest-growing customer experience providers in Latin America and the Caribbean and one of the rising stars in the nearshore space, ite...

Want More Brand Love? Look to Your EX

Most companies want to build brand love and long-term relationships with their customers. Here's why that can't happen without looking to your EX.

itel Helps Companies Digitally Transform CX Capabilities

When it comes to customer experience, digital services aren’t just preferred. They're expected. Here are tips for accelerating your digital transfor...

The Lessons of 2021 I’ll Be Bringing into 2022

itel Founding Chairman & CEO, Yoni Epstein, shares with us the lessons he'll be taking into 2022 and why itel has declared this year the "Year of You"...

2022 Outsourcing Predictions

Learn about the “Great Shift” and 4 other trends in CX outsourcing that experts predict will shape the coming year...

Retail Client Sees Agent Success Rates Boosted by 75% Thanks to New Way of Working

With a wide variety of customers, this leading office retailer found it challenging to meet customer expectations and observed a sudden decline in the...

Connecting Tech to Enable Human Connection

Customer service is no longer a numbers game. Learn why CX providers are investing in new technologies that put human connection first.

itel Brightens the Holidays Through Donation Drives in Jamaica

itel's 4Ys Foundation brought holiday cheer to those in need by collecting and donating essential items to charitable organizations in Jamaica.

itel’s 4Ys Foundation Adopts an Island This Holiday Season

This December, itel decided to go above and beyond its much-needed food and toy drives in Jamaica as its 4Ys Foundation adopts a Guyanese island.